Welcome To Grace Covenant Church!

There is a lot of confusion these days about God and the Christian church. Most people seem to think that if God exists, he’s either disinterested in our world or else overly critical of our lives. Unfortunately, that is the exact opposite of what the Christian message is all about.

The truth is that God, who knows you and your life better than anyone else, desires you to experience a life so fulfilling it is beyond your imagination! Sound different than what you expected? If so, we invite you to explore with us God’s message for a life worth living.

We hope you will identify with the casual environment, the contemporary music, and the relevant teaching at Grace. But most of all, our hope is that you feel the warmth of God’s heart through the friendships you make with others who are experiencing life with Jesus.




When & Where We Meet


  Bible Study- 9:00

     Worship- 10:10


903 Ponder Ave
Sarasota Florida