Childrens Ministry

When you attend church, your desire is for your kids to learn. Despite memories you might have of your church experience as a kid, would it be so bad if they actually had a little fun as well? (Or maybe even a lot of fun?)

That’s the premise of our ministry. Designed for the youngest church-goers, we offer solid, biblically based programs for Early Childhood, along with Elementary school age.

Grace is everything a kid could want at church. From infants through fifth grade, your kids enjoy a morning of art, games, discussion groups, and creative biblical teaching about God in a language they can understand. In other words, they are bound to have fun!

At Grace, your kids will:

-Be greeted by friendly faces

-Play with fun toys and games or work on creative
projects at exciting activity stations

-Make great friends

-Interact with caring teachers and leaders

-Enjoy the learning and singing time that includes drama,
music, video, puppets, games, and more

-Learn about Jesus

Who said Church cant be fun! At Grace, it is our hope that your children not only enjoy Church, but drag you back with them!