What Time Is It?

Last night, across the ocean in Paris, France, satanically inspired followers of the demon god, Allah attacked and murdered in cold blood, innocents in the name of their false god. For the past many, many years people have been speculating as to when the end will come, and how will the anti-Christ take the stage in our sick world of evil and rebellion.

This is the most well presented argument concerning many things that are either questionable, or hard to understand concerning the end of days that I have found, period.

It lays a very concise, Bible referenced argument to answer questions, and give alert to what is happening now with Middle-East activities and players.

I have for some time felt that the long-held ideas of Rome and Catholicism as the chief players in the roles of Babylon and the Whore sitting on the seven headed beast, were simply wrong. I believe this video is very convincing, and should be at least prayerfully considered.

Please do just that, PRAYERFULLY watch this and consider what it presents.

So for what it’s worth, here it is.

Let me know what you think.

Watch it with your Bible open, and ready.

In Christ’s Love

Greg Lester

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