The opinionated Jesus…

Some people think I’m overly opinionated, well they have a right to their opinion! But I’m not about to hide mine because of theirs! I wonder if Jesus had any opinions? I think I’ll try to find out that answer during my next Bible studies. I bet He does; and I bet He wants everyone to know what they are.

We live in a world that is enslaved to the idea of keeping a positive image; this is really known as having a fear of man, and is a fruit of the sin of pride.

We have been taught to be so cautious in our choices so as to not “Offend” those around us that may have a different opinion.

We are told that tolerance is the highest form of a positive image, and that when we sacrifice our beliefs for the opinions and choices of others we are at our noblest.

Does this really make any sense?

I have grown very weary of hearing our elected representatives say something like this:
“I personally am against Abortion, Homosexual marriage, Pedophilia, Euthanasia, Legalization of drug use, Prostitution, (you fill in the blank), BUT WHO AM I to tell someone else how they should live, and what they can or cannot do”?

And just today, we are told that a long term Senator plans to change his party affiliation because he doesn’t feel like representing the people who sacrificed both their time and treasure to see him be their representative. When He, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania was asked if he owed his constituents who sent him to speak for them, an explanation for his betrayal, he said he didn’t owe them anything.

This may work for politicians who have been elected and are being financially sponsored by the constituents who elected them, to represent them, and put forth their opinions and WILL, but it should not be so FOR CHRISTIANS

Christians have been ELECTED and SENT to represent the One who OWNS US!

What IMAGE should the BELIEVER choose to put forth.

I am of the opinion that is should be one that Represents JESUS!

But alas, how can one do that, if they first of all do not value His Will?

Yes, yes, I know, I sure am opinionated. What’s Your Opinion?

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