So Very Thankful!

I often think of the Poem that starts “How do I love Thee, let me count the ways. That is a solid way for people to remind themselves of someone else’s value and significance in one’s life. This Thanksgiving is a very special one for me. There has been so much happen in my families life; after all that is what Thanksgiving’s about right, family life? Tomorrow I will sit at a table prepared with more than anyone could ever deserve. I will sit next to my wife of 34 years; the most wonderful lady I have ever known, who I love more then life. Somewhere very close bye will be my amazing daughter Heather, No words are adequate. Next to her will be the only person alive who loves her more then I do, My Son, Mark. What an amazingly beautiful thing to see how much they love each other, and how they love and raise their kids. Then there’s “The Kids”, Easton, Elijah, and Miss Emma. How can I begin to tell someone how much I love these three, My Three Einsteins (really My Three Stooges). And then there’s my friends who we will be celebrating with. We are going to Truman and Beverly’s home. The best friends anyone could ever ask for. We will sing the blessing for the food, and then proceed to eat ourselves into a good nap. All the while I’ll be looking into the faces of my richest blessings this side of Heaven. I Am A Blessed Man! My God and Father loves me!

This Thanksgiving, before you bow your head, take time to look around and see all the gifts from God, and hug yours as tight and as often, as possible.

Thank you Lord, for loving me so much!


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