Its not always as it seems…

I’m coming to the place in my life where I have to accept reality. I know that may sound kind of dramatic, especially for a pastor. Most people if asked, would tell you that they desire the perfect life. You know, a spouse, two and a half children, nice home, good job, secure future, enough money to be comfortable, the expected speech. But usually in spite of what they may already have, many still feel the need for more.
Recently I have been reminded by many different confirming witnesses in my life to be thankful. To guard my heart and filter my sight according to “Reality and Truth”. I am aware that every individual’s life is just that, individual. We may share in the same type of life experiences, but they are all personally unique. I think it’s called perspective. A person needs to make a wise choice in this matter of perspective. Half empty or half full. Totally dark, or almost dawn. Blessed, or forsaken?
How do we approach our circumstances and life situations? It makes all the difference.
OR, should I say confidence and trust in God makes all the difference in the world.

I am often asked by people “How are You Doing?” My response usually catches people off guard; “Better Then I deserve!

Begin to practice the art of humble thanksgiving, to an amazingly loving Heavenly Father,
It will change your reality!

Because of Grace


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