I Couldn’t Do It

The more I think about the Lord, the more helpless I realize I really am. This past week I gave much thought to the life our Lord Jesus lived. I  confess that no one really knows all that the Lord Jesus was as a man, or all that He faced as He fulfilled the Will of His Father. What a friend we have in Jesus.What an amazing devoted friend, who loved us so much, and did the unimaginable for you and me. We are told that the greatest love anyone can give is to lay down their life for someone else. To give all for another. This is exactly what Jesus did for not only you and me, but for the entire human race. He lived the perfect life, to be able to be the perfect sacrifice.

As a Christian husband, father, grandfather, friend, pastor, and citizen I find myself facing things that are very difficult to do the right way, at the the right time, for the right reason, but for  Jesus not so much. In the Gospels we see how the Lord walked among the lost and always kept His focus on the “Prime Objective” the Will of His Father. Jesus came to reveal His Father to the world, and to redeem the world to His Father. Simple Huh?

Every moment of every day there was no conflict or second guessing about what He was to do; the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. You might have a point of discussion about that night in the garden. but in consideration of that incident I believe that Jesus did not deviate from the Prime objective, He was just overcome by His love for His Father. I truly wish that I could experience that more often in my life, don’t you?

After I had been thoroughly convicted, shamed, and silenced, by the reality of my humanity, I let my mind wander just a little more and began to ponder the gravity of the will of our Heavenly Father.

Think With Me For A Moment.

Consider how it pleased God, for His Son, His loving, obedient, only, Son, to be the acceptable sacrifice for a world of lost sinners, who did not care to know Him, or acknowledge His Sovereignty,  much less deserve His forgiveness by the death of His beloved Son. And consider Jesus, knowing full well of the gravity of the plan of God, and how He not only fit into it, but how it all hinged upon Him doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason, that being us.

All that is rests in the reality of John 3:16-17.

Jn 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
17 “For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.

I try hard, most of the time, to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason, but I fail.

I try hard, most of the time, to stay focused on the will of my heavenly father, but I fail.

For it is by the amazing grace of God that I have been saved, and it is solely through the faith given to me as a gift from God; and I am humbly grateful.


Redeemed By The Blood of God’s Lamb


I’m thankful, very thankful, that God had a plan that was not contingent on me, because I couldn’t do it.

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