Did You Feel That?

MAN O MAN!  The last couple of weeks really have the natives howling. The headlines have been nothing but doom, division, and fear-mongering, from the threat of the Islamist of ISIS, to the senseless murders of the Christians in a mid-week Bible Study by a racist lunatic, to the two audacious decisions by the  U.S. Supreme Court that upholds Obama-care, and, grants the right to homosexual marriage. It sure seems that the good ole USA that I grew up in, is gone, disappeared it seems over night. I have to admit, I’m not really happy with what I see happening around me, BUT, I believe these things and a lot more have to happen for the Will of God to be revealed and His plan to come to pass. Some people act like nothing is happening and others are calling for revolution, go figure. There has to be a cultural tipping point to begin the transition to the Lawless One. The people have to be conditioned to desire someone to “FIX” what they think has become unbearable. I am of the opinion that this is just the beginning, there will be much more unsettling incidents to follow, there has to be. I also believe that it is time for the Household of faith to take inventory. We need to sort through all of the stuff that we have acquired over the course of life, and set aside all that holds us back, and distracts from the mission of being the Church. As the shaking gets stronger, the lost will begin to look around for something that makes sense, and someone who understands, that us. Ditch all that Distracts, Cull all that Compromises, Prepare for the Platform that the Lord Jesus will provide to tell the World why we believe.

Be Blessed

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