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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness


I hope you and your loved ones have the most special time celebrating this most special day for Americans. Today is a day that has been given to use to ENJOY in whatever way we choose, because we are FREE!

Today is a day given to us to rest from our struggles, love on those close to us, eat a burger or hotdog, and enjoy the blessings of being a citizen of the GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD!


BUT, as you walk through the blessings that will come to you today, PLEASE stop and thank the Lord that we have inherited a nation such as this because of the brave Americans who put on the uniform of our brave military, and fought to defend and deliver the Peace, Prosperity, and LIBERTY that we the FREE enjoy today, BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!


I pray the Lord will bless you richly today and tomorrow


Thank God for His Grace,


Thank a Vet for his service!




So blessed…

{This blog post was written on September 25th, 2009}

I have the God-given blessing of two of the best friends I believe a person has ever had, they are Beverly and Truman Good. (and he lives up to his name)

Truman has been an influence in my life since before I transitioned to Sarasota from Amarillo, Beverly since the first day I visited in search of God’s will for my families life, and ministry. Truman served as a member of the search committee that the Lord used to lead me here, and has been used of God in my life every since then, in more ways then I can express. His dear wife Beverly instantly endeared herself to my heart as my true sister, and I love them both very, very much. Over the past eighteen years, we have shared so much, their family and mine. I have had the Joy and privilege of officiating in all four of their children’s weddings. We have shared in the joy of becoming Grandparents, consoled one another in the passing of parents, and walked together in serving the Lord together, which included the starting of Grace Covenant Church, and so much more.

This year has been a year of change, and once again, of transition.
This is the year that Bev. and Truman will retire to their Log Home in the Tennessee Mountains. This is the year I will see my two best friends move away, not from my heart, never from my heart, but away none-the-less.

As I think about the influence of these two, precious, GODLY, loving, amazing people; all I can think is that I did nothing to deserve them, or their love.
They Chose To Love My Family.
They chose to be the most incredible people I have known in my life.
They chose to love us.

Over the years we have had so many opportunities for long, extended times of fellowship and interaction. Many times in our conversations they would talk about the people who influenced them, and helped make them who they are today. How those people were extraordinary, and how they gave of themselves, to benefit others, all for the love they had for the Lord. They knew that the age old proverb was true, “To have a friend, you must first be a friend”
My life is so greatly enriched by their chose to be my friend.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

This is the verse I see that has been brought to life by my relationship with Bev. and Truman. I’m not claiming that I’m all that sharp, but I am stating as fact, I am a man improved, by the enhancement of their influence.

I need to apply what I have learned, and invest what I have received. I need to continue what has been passed down to them, and through them, to me.

Thank you Beverly, Thank You Truman. I love you.

Thank you Lord, for the gift of friends.

Paying Attention..

Have you ever heard the saying “I’m so poor, I can’t even pay attention“? That is a very costly attitude to embrace. The world that we live in seems to be traveling @”Warp Speed” (Trekkie lingo). I remember as a kid listening to Walter Cronkite on the evening news tell the world what items of interest had transpired during the past 24 hrs. Sometimes, It seemed that not much of any significance had even taken place anywhere in the world. What happened that necessitated a CNN to bring us a 24 hr. news station. Obviously the answer is A LOT! Don’t get me wrong, I love to be informed with current items of social concern. My wife calls me a Fox News addict. Yay yay, I’m a right-winger.

Now the Point.

So often, as I am bombarded by the last thing someone else thought was either important for me to know, or needed to fill air time, I stop paying attention. I tune out the voice and let it bounce off. Now I don’t feel that this is really a problem, because all I have to do to get caught up is pay attention to the next recycle of the news, they will repeat it, soon, and often. But back to the point…

If we are not careful, and diligent; sometimes God will speak to our spirit, and we aren’t really paying attention. And we miss out. We miss out on seeing the majesty of God at work in His creation, and we miss out on the privilege of participating with God in His work, to bring Him Glory. For a sad read and study on the importance of paying attention see the following section of God’s Word. 1 Samuel 15:1-26, here’s how it starts:

1 Samuel 15:1 Then Samuel said to Saul, “The Lord sent me to anoint you as king over His people, over Israel; now therefore, listen to the words of the Lord.

My prayer for us is that the story of our lives ends different than Saul’s, not one of rejection but of honor.

Pay attention: God is speaking, are you listening?

Because of Grace