Ah, the relatives!

“Third cousin of my Aunt Maudene, twice removed”. Isn’t it eye opening to see just how many relatives you can get to show up at a family reunion, that you don’t know! I have a good friend who’s family gets together every other year and from what I hear, there is a huge turn out, 100 plus at times. People meet for the first time, and yet they are family. They are received, and made a part. To be family you don’t have to have anything but love and acceptance. Who you are is accepted; Who’s you are is what really matters. It’s funny how you discover that the family tree has “Branches” those that most see as being the strength of the group, “Forks” where there may be a little division and separation; and we can all be traced back to the “Roots,” those folks from whom we all come, and all owe a deep debt of gratitude for their hard work, commitment, and sacrifices made for the family good. There is a time set for the “Reunion” to beat all reunions. When the Father who started it all because of love, calls us into His House, to His Table, to meet Our Family. We Are Children Of The King, and He is looking forward to seeing us; Every One! Oh, bye the way, we have no cousins in the family, only Brothers and Sisters!

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