Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness


I hope you and your loved ones have the most special time celebrating this most special day for Americans. Today is a day that has been given to use to ENJOY in whatever way we choose, because we are FREE!

Today is a day given to us to rest from our struggles, love on those close to us, eat a burger or hotdog, and enjoy the blessings of being a citizen of the GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD!


BUT, as you walk through the blessings that will come to you today, PLEASE stop and thank the Lord that we have inherited a nation such as this because of the brave Americans who put on the uniform of our brave military, and fought to defend and deliver the Peace, Prosperity, and LIBERTY that we the FREE enjoy today, BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!


I pray the Lord will bless you richly today and tomorrow


Thank God for His Grace,


Thank a Vet for his service!




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